Our goal is to provide the same wholesome, natural ingredients our customers would raise and harvest for themselves were it possible. Every item has been hand-selected for people who appreciate the quality and flavor of honest-to-goodness food.

The Cannery Public Market
The Cannery Public Market cheese display.

Every month we pick 2 new market items to have on special. This months special is “Holiday Baking”. Items include various pie fillings and baking mixes to make your holiday meal making easy as pie! New items are being added daily so check back often. Mix and match to fit your needs.
2 for $12

Have you ever been traveling and thought, I wish the Cannery carried that. Well make sure you drop us an email or stop by the market counter to let our staff know. We are always interested in hearing your suggestions.


Starting with fresh milk from the Ponderosa Farmstead, our Farmstead cheese represents the best of what authentic, small batch Wisconsin Cheeses can be.