Basil Pesto Flatbread
Flatbread with pesto, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella,
parmesan and balsamic glaze . 12

Cajun Chicken Flatbread
Flatbread with cayenne ranch, a blend of Italian cheeses, smoked bacon, rotisserie chicken, and cheddar cheese. 14

Farmer’s Market Flatbread                                                                                        Grown in Green Bay and sourced weekly from the farmer’s market on Broadway. Ask your server for this week’s creation. 14

Ponderosa Farmstead Steak

All-natural, Ponderosa Farmstead Limousin beef | Responsibly raised at Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy.

Served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

 14 oz. New York Strip 26 | 16 oz. Ribeye 29 | 8 oz. Tenderloin 33



Saturday & Sunday 9AM-2PM


A Lavender Tom Lollins
Partial proceeds donated to the “Lavender Mission Field” organization that help support at-risk youth. Wisconsin – grown lavender, Great Lakes Good Land Orange Liqueur with spices, rum and fresh-squeezed lemon & lime juice. 9

Liquid Therapy Cran-Tonic Session
Great Lakes Rehorst Gin, Good Land Wisconsin’s Cranberry Liqueur, Fresh squeezed lime juice and our homemade spiced cranberry bitters. Served with a bottle of WI Top Note Tonic. 9

Green19 Iprahita
Great Lakes Good Land Orange Liqueur with spices, Fresh squeezed lime & grapefruit juice, Jose Especial Silver Tequila, topped with Titletown’s Green 19 IPA. Served with a partially salted rim. 9

Dancing Goat Summer Smash
Wisconsin’s Dancing Goat Limousine Rye, Fresh squeezed lemon juice and fresh basil. 8

The Legend’s OG Cosmo
The Great Lakes Good Land Orange Liqueur with spices, vodka, cranberry & fresh-squeezed lime juice. Shaken, not stirred with a twist. 9